2016 941 Update

This update will overwrite your existing program files, and will result in you having to do a Version Control on your data. So you should make a good backup of your data before installing this update.

Note: This update file is rather large and can take awhile to download. Therefore if you are using a slow internet connection (Dialup) then you should contact us for a CD instead.

Warning: You cannot be in any PC Software Accounting program while performing this update.

Update Instructions

NOTE: You must not be in the program(s) while installing this update.

To download the 2016 941 update dated March 23, 2016, please -> CLICK HERE FOR 941 UPDATE <- . (Note: Once again you must not be in any PC Software Accounting program(s) while installing this update.)

  1. You can either run the program in place by clicking on Open/Run or download the file by clicking on Save.

    If you wish to save the file we recommend that you save the file directly into the C:\PCSW folder. This will make it easier to find. After downloading the file look for a file called 10_35_02.exe and double click on it to install the update.

  2. Select Unzip and you will be asked for a password. You were either mailed or emailed the password but if you didnít receive it please give us a call @ (941) 896 9861 for the password.

  3. You will need to run Version Control on your data just like any update you receive from us.

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