2020 941 2nd Quarter PPP Update

This update will overwrite your existing program files, and will result in you having to do a Version Control on your data. So backup your data before installing this update.

Note: This update file is rather large and can take awhile to download. Therefore if you are using a slow internet connection (Dialup) then you should contact us for a CD instead.

Warning: You cannot be in any PC Software Accounting program while performing this update.

Update Instructions

  1. Backup your data before installing this update.

  2. Make sure you are out of the program(s)..

  3. To download the 2020 941 PPP update dated July 21, 2020, please -> CLICK HERE FOR 941 UPDATE <- .

    The fields dealing with the PPP on the 941 have to be plugged by you..

    NOTE: The Electronic 941 filing changes are not ready yet. Please check back later..

    You can either run the program in place by clicking on Open/Run or download the file by clicking on Save.

    If you wish to save the file we recommend that you save the file directly into the C:\PCSW folder. This will make it easier to find. After downloading the file look for a file called 10_90_03.exe and double click on it to install the update.

  4. Select Unzip and you will be asked for a password. You were either mailed or emailed the password but if you didnít receive it please give us a call @ (941) 896 9861 for the password.

  5. You will need to run Version Control on your data just like any update you receive from us.

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