2019 State Tax Tables

To get the updated state tax tables and you are running Version 10.72.01 through 10.72.05 of the program you will need to follow the instructions listed below:

You must have installed Version 10.72.01 or higher for this update to work

Download the file from this page and run the option Get Updated Tax Tables after Update. The steps for doing this are listed below:

Note:This file is only intended for people running any Version of 10.72 . Downloading is file to an earlier version will cause you system to Stop Working.

  1. To download the 2019 Tax Tables please -> Click Here for Updated Tax Tables.

  2. You can either run the program in place by clicking on Open/Run or download the file by clicking on Save.

    If you wish to save the file we recommend you save the file directly into the C:\PCSW or Download folder. This will make it easier to find.

    After downloading the file look for a file called SysNew.exe and double click on it to install the update.

  3. Once the update is installed you will need to run the option Get Updated Tax Tables After Update located in the Computer Checkbook to update the tax tables.

    Utilities -> System Utilities -> Get Updated Tax Tables After Update

    Note: A single screen should open and close, saying it's copying from the Master.

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